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Customized Community Association Management
in D.C. and Maryland

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Find the solutions your community needs with property management from The Community Services Group in Fort Washington, Maryland. Servicing D.C. and Maryland, we offer the finest management and services available for your community without any hidden fees.

Our Story

For a community association management company that caters to the specific needs of your community, choose The Community Services Group. Based in Fort Washington, Maryland, we manage homeowners associations, condominium developments, and co-op developments.

With more than 10 years of experience, we have developed a strong reputation for providing affordable management packages that are tailored to the specific needs of each community. Our skilled managers are CMCA- and AMS-certified through the Community Association Institute and are well-equipped to provide your community with the concrete solutions it deserves.

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Comprehensive Property Management & Community Services

Enjoy relieved stress and a lightened workload with property management and community services from The Community Services Group in Fort Washington, Maryland. Our custom management services are ideal for homeowners’ association developers, condominium developments, and co-op developments.

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Community Management

Whether you have a new development that has been recently built or your community is dissatisfied with its current management company and is looking for a change, The Community Services Group is here for you. Our community association management includes a variety of services, including:
• Property Management
• Inspections
• Contract Management
• Financial Management
• Risk Management

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About Us

At The Community Services Group, we are committed to doing all of the work for our clients. This means that, while we are dedicated to providing our clients with professional-grade recommendations, we are ultimately here to manage. We never want our clients to feel as though they are forced to still do the work they are paying us to do. Fully understanding that communication is key, we recognize that it is our responsibility to provide solutions to every problem.